Rights of People With Status of International Protection in Slovenia (Arabic)

Rights of People With Status of International Protection in Slovenia (Arabic)


Rights of People With Status of International Protection in Slovenia

Republic of Slovenia, a member state of the EU, grants 2 types of international protection:

  • Refugee status and
  • Subsidiary protection.

Refugee status is granted to a person who credibly establishes that they are endangered and personally persecuted in their native country because of their:

  •  Race,
  • Ethnicity,
  • Religion,
  • Nationality,
  • Membership of a particular social group (e.g. persecuted LGBT+ persons), or
  • Political opinions.

Subsidiary protection is granted to persons that do not meet the requirements of refugees but are still in grave danger in their native country.

What are your rights, if you are granted INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION in Slovenia?

  • You have the right to acquire information about your status, rights, and obligations. This means you are entitled to receive relevant and timely information about your case from your lawyers, caseworkers, and other government officials.


  • You have the right to residence in the Republic of Slovenia. Refugees obtain a permanent residence permit and a passport valid for a maximum of 10 years. Persons with subsidiary protection obtain a temporary residence permit usually valid 1 or several years with the option to extend it. After 5 years of continuous legal living in Slovenia, you can apply for citizenship.


  • You have the right to accommodation in government integration houses or private residences. Government integration houses are located in Ljubljana or Maribor. They can accommodate you for 1 year with the option to extend the stay. If you do not have your own means of subsistence, you are entitled to a government grant for accommodation in a private residence for 18 months with the option to extend the grant.


  • You have the right to social security. In this regard, you are equal with citizens of Slovenia and receive equal social protections. You are eligible for financial social assistance of 402 euro per month. If you have a voluntary contract with an association, you are eligible to receive additional 70 euros per month. Social worker assigned to you by the Center for Social Work should notify you about special provisions for rent and child benefits, including subsidies for school lunches and kindergarten.


  • You have the right to health care. Health insurance in Slovenia is divided into 2 categories: compulsory and supplementary or voluntary insurance. If you receive financial social assistance, you may claim the right to full health care. You are entitled to all health services: to see a doctor, dentist and other specialists, receive medicines, hospital treatment, and operations. Women have the right to choose a gynaecologist. If you are employed, registration for compulsory health insurance is the obligation of your employer. You have to arrange supplementary or voluntary insurance yourself.


  • You have the right to education and training. In this regard, you are equal to the citizens of Slovenia and can access all levels of education, which are all public and free or subsidized. Primary school is compulsory for all children. You are entitled to free Slovene language courses to the extent of 300 hours.


  • You have workers’ rights. You have free access to the labour market and can be employed under the same conditions as Slovenian citizens. Full-time employment must not be longer than 40 hours per week, and you may work a maximum of 230 hours of overtime a year. You have the right to annual leave. Unemployed persons register at the employment office. There you will make an employment plan with an advisor. You are entitled to different training and retraining courses.


  • You have the right to family reunification if the family existed before you entered Slovenia. You pay for the travel expenses yourself. NGOs and other donors can assist you. REMEMBER! You must submit your application for family reunification within 90 days of the recognition of your status. If you submit an application after 90 days, you must prove that you have sufficient means of subsistence for your family. If you are a refugee, your family members receive a permanent residence permit and the status of a foreigner. If you have subsidiary protection, your family members receive a temporary residence permit.


  • You have the right to free legal aid. A person whose average monthly income per family member does not exceed the amount of the legal minimum wage is eligible for free legal aid that covers the cost of legal consultation and legal representation.


REMEMBER! Your rights are yours to claim to their full extent. If you feel your rights as a person with international protection have been violated, contact the ombudsman of human rights in Slovenia: info@varuh-rs.si