In 2023, KD Gmajna is hosting a series of 10 training sessions in the framework of the project Empowering Migrant Voices on Integration and Inclusion Policies (EMVI). The project EMVI aims to increase the inclusion of migrants in local and national decision-making processes. 

The training sessions “Empowering Migrant Voices” seek to engage migrants and migrant communities in Slovenia and provide training in political literacy and civic participation tools. They are based on 10 EMVI online modules exploring various topics - migrant and human rights, housing, civic engagement, gender equality, advocacy, networking, project management, linguistic integration, fundraising - and feature experts from different fields.

The first sessions will take place Monday, 20. 02. 2023, from 16:00 to 20:00, in the Info-office project space located on Ulica Vide Pregarčeve 11. The programme consists of a workshop on the Struggles of Refugees and Migrants as a Liberation Movement that will be hosted by dr. Andrej Kurnik (FDV). The workshop will be followed by an issue-raising meeting to discuss relevant issues on integration policies.

Refugees and migrants are often portrayed as either villains or victims. On the other hand, movements for the rights of refugees and migrants insist on their agency and autonomy. We ask: Why is it important to affirm that refugees and migrants have the capacity to act and change unjust societies and the world?

Andrej Kurnik is a lecturer at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana. He is active in the struggles for autonomous spaces (AT Rog) and actively participates in solidarity movements with workers, migrants, erased and other groups.

The event will be in English. Translation can be provided. We can offer assistance with transportation and childcare. Food and beverages will be provided.

Upcoming training sessions:

27. 2. 2023 - Housing as a Human Right: Zadrugator, Najemniški SOS

21. 3. 2023 - Advocacy, Networking, Strategic Communication: Društvo Medkulturni dialog

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